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Guarding and Armed Reaction

Who we are

Shangoni Security Services was established in 2014 with the objective of offering its customers a personalised and dignified security service. This approach is supported by the idea that the contracted customers wants, with regard to security within his/her premises maintained by fully trained installation and operational personnel. We do not only believe in meeting the standards of what a security company consists of in the industry but we aim to surpass those standards. As a security company we provide much more than to deter, detect, observe and report. We care about our customers and their businesses. Our company values consist of Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion that were carefully chosen to provide a framework for our outstanding customer service and for guiding our daily actions.

Our Services

Guarding & Armed Reaction

The company has its own guard force and all employees carry the required certification and training. Armed reaction can be arranged for the various sites contracted.


Shangoni Security Services has developed a product/service (Emergi-Guard), which allows the man on the street the peace of mind during emergency situations. If a situation occurs where a business/home owner needs short-term guarding, they are subjected to huge costs, the maybe factor (if we have spare guards available) or alternatively signing a long-term contract.

• Shangoni will supply a guard for a minimum contract period of 6 hours to a maximum of three weeks.

• This assists when you have that uneasy, anxious feeling after your premises has been damaged and repairs can only be carried out within the near future.

There are a few different options available when using this service:

1. Extremely short-term contract of between 6-12 hours;

2. Daily contract;

3. One to three week contracts.

Features and benefits

Service Features

Generally it is almost impossible to employ a guard to be on duty for a short period Most security companies prefer a contract of 12 months. The availability of short-term guards for a regular security company is very rare as they use spare guards for replacements of absent members or members on leave.

One Call To Guard Placement

The system is simple; Shangoni has a database of guards which are pre-scanned for the relevant checks, PSIRA registration and previous employment ethics. A customer would call in to the Shangoni Admin office, identify their area and guarding requirements, the operator will create a contract for the required period, issue a quotation and advise on the timing of the guards arrival.

Contract And Payment Done Online

The Emergi-Guard contract is arranged and agreed upon online and the payment is made via EFT. Once this is done, a guard is dispatched.


The Shangoni Emergi-Guard system can be applied throughout the various industries;

Example 1: A forklift runs into a warehouse door. The door is only repairable over the next few days. Guarding is on site but the preference is to employ a specific site instructed person to guard the area. This guard has no ties at all with the company, his only concern is to guard the area allocated to him.

Example 2: A stone from a lawnmower shoots up into a large glass window of a home on Saturday evening at 17h30. Glass is not available and the home owner has a concern, Emergi-Guard would be the best option in this incident.

Terms and Conditions

Guarding site must be within the limits of what guards can achieve,

Customer must specify the guarding instructions before the contract begins,

Short-term contacts must be completed and signed by the customer and company representative,

Transportation time period must be considered,

Transportation costs must be included on the quote-if further than 15 kilometres from the company.


The Emergi-Guard service is available immediately.

Security, CCTV and IT Installations

The company uses a professionally trained and certified installation team for any CCTV, IT and security installations.

We repair your old system.

We fit magnetic door locks and electronic locks which can be used in conjunction with a keypad, access card controller or finger print controller.

We  repair electrical fencing.
We fit alarm systems.
Our cameras can be connected to you’re cell phone for offsite real-time viewing.

Polygraph, personal security protection, de-bugging

This function can be arranged should the customer require these services.

Import /Export

Shangoni Security Services are certified to import customers required security products which are not normally locally available.

Risk Management

An integrated security risk assessment, security risk response planning and security risk management approach is followed. No new security services ideas or approaches are implemented without proper comprehensive study and site surveys. This enables us to continuously update our safety and security solutions and manage security risks effectively.

What You Can Expect From Us


The company’s vision is to grow into a well-respected national organisation which will supply an affordable, personalised, dignified, safe and professional security service. Our objective is to supply a complete and customised security service enabling the business owner to concentrate on his/her business without worrying about their business’ security. We regard ourselves as a security service provider where management is enthusiastic and encourages fresh ideas, and where each and every employee is committed to offering the best personal service and attention to every client. Our clients can always depend on us to go the extra mile in delivering our promises, customer satisfaction is our passion.


Our mission is to protect our customer’s assets by employing regulated and trained personnel as well as creating an environment where a safe professional and dignified service is offered by our team. Our mission is applied by our unsurpassed work ethics and high quality standards, we assure that your needs are addressed to best suit your requirements. Reliability and Integrity is also top of our mission. We will provide that first impression and customer service that will set your company ahead. Our strength is the power of observation, dedication with ability to react before the incident occurs.

Customer Focus

Weekly visits to sites allows us to maintain good client/customer relationship management which is considered essential in our organisation and is regarded as a key performance tool throughout the company. Aligning all processes, client requirements and client interaction we get to understand and improve on customer satisfaction and safety & security needs. We ensure continuous intelligence gathering, knowledge sharing and transfer and best practice development on a national and international basis. This enables us to view the needs from a client’s perspective, which in turn results in the continuous improvement.


Security Solutions & Services

The rise in criminal activities in this day and age calls for a robust security arrangement around your home. One of the most effective ways to secure your home is to install home CCTV cameras. We offer high quality CCTV home security systems at excellent prices. Installing home CCTV cameras, enables you to view your home remotely from anywhere in the world and monitor vulnerable family members.

We use our vast experience and technical expertise to ensure that we install the best surveillance system for your home. We also repair and replace your existing CCTV camera. We are experts in what we do and provide an affordable service.


At Shangoni Security Services we do not only believe in safety and security but also in empowering our personnel through relevant training courses to equip them with the applied skills and knowledge acquired over the years in the industry to develop them. We fully realise that the quality of our deployed manpower determines the safety and security of our clients.



David Dalziel – David has been involved in security for the past thirty years. Warehousing, Logistics, Import/Export and manufacturing are all areas where David has implemented security controls. Over the last 4 years David has been involved in Residential Estate Management where safety & security and controls have been implemented. David has completed a certificate in Estate Management and successfully created a safe and secure residential estate environment.


Gautengdrone Media

Gauteng Drone is a commercial drone service provider in South Africa specializing in asset integrity inspection and survey using high specification drone technology. Our drones are non-evasive and has night vision. We are currently able to provide services throughout Gauteng and nationwide. We are one of the few Drone operators in SA licenced to operate these drones.

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